The problem with commodities transactions

A great number of people involved – difficulty of concluding an agreement (human factor)

Difficulty of identifying contacts for new commodities’ sources

High commissions

Information leaks and Phishing

Time consuming procedures

Complete lack of digitization

Why CargoDeals?

  • Revealing new commodities sources

  • Saving costs

  • Accelerating procedures

  • Minimizing information leaks

  • Increasing the success rate of completing a transaction

Our Mission

is to facilitate the procedure of commodities transactions for all professionals being involved, through digitization and acceleration of all the relevant processes.

The Platform

  • The CARGODEALS platform segments commodities into 3 categories (agricultural, energy, other raw materials), giving the user the ability to search/publicise demands and offers per category according to preference.

  • Demands/offers are placed either privately (the user uses only his own contacts), or publicly (the user uses all the contacts of the platform).

  • The operation of the platform is based on the transition of a public, one-to-many demand/offer, into the private completion of procedures (one-to-one).

  • The submission of demands/offers is carried out using all the relevant types of documents commonly used, either creating them through the flexible templates of the platform, or uploading them in the format desired by the respective user.

  • The platform enables the exchange of all required procedural documents, as well as all relevant documents related to the KYC process.

  • The digital space also includes the negotiation of offers (counters) between the parties involved.

  • The user can access the entire history of demands/offers, documents and other information relevant to his transactions.

  • The platform can be tailored for sub-categories of commodities, for users who have a particular interest in specific commodities.

  • Additional features include:
    • selection of a customized environment based on the user’s preference in a commodity category (agricultural, energy, other raw materials)
    • digital signatures
    • automated notifications of successful sending of a demand/offer and additional e-mail notifications of receiving a demand/offer
    • statistics on public demands/offers
    • the categorization and storage of documents and procedures and the export of data in excel, pdf, etc.

    • The competitive advantage of the platform is the direct interaction of the participants.

    We promise to respect your data

    How we do it?

    Encryption, built-in privacy controls, and additional security protocols ensure that data is always secure.

    Our Plans


    • Limited access to demand-offer
    • Information to all users
    • Invitation of personal contacts and partners


    • Everything included in the Free plan
    • Send and receive private demands/offers
    • Send and receive procedure documents
    • Organization of work documents
    • Export and print demands/offers and procedure documents


    • Everything included in the Free plan
    • Send demands/offers to all users
    • Full access to demand/offer information to all users

    CargoDeals is available on Mobile App